Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.
Henry Ford (via giftstarter)

via lizziesjourneytoweightloss


via lizziesjourneytoweightloss


One of the things that keeps us going… POWER UP!  #trualchemi #wellness #motivation #entrepreneurship #inspiration (at Tru’Alchemi Wellness, LLC)


One of the things that keeps us going… POWER UP!
#trualchemi #wellness #motivation #entrepreneurship #inspiration (at Tru’Alchemi Wellness, LLC)


One of the questions I get over and over is the following: “What should I include in my investor presentation?” This is an excellent question. Pitching to customers is not the same as pitching to investors. Your prospective customer and your prospective investor have different end objectives!


In this video the author of The Lean Startup Eric Ries talks about how a startup should take advantage of being unknown to launch a product and act on the customer response. Entrepreneurs should not be in a rush to get big, in fact having a few customers after launch reduces the damage done…

riseofthemachines: via @dharmesh & Eric Ries’ “The Lean Startup

>The following are some quick quotes and insights from Eric with convenient tweetable links (so you can spread the wisdom and look really smart and clueful to your twitter followers). Enjoy.

23 Tweetable Insights From “The…

How to Structure Funding Deals for Your Startup (Part 1)


How to Structure Funding Deals for Your Startup Part. 1


Whether you’re thinking about developing a start or are already developing your minimum viable product with your team members it is important to understand the complexities of funding components so you don’t push away interested venture capital opportunities because of bad decisions you made early on with the money you accepted from friends/family or Angel investors. In this multi-article series…

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Here is a high level post on angel investors and convertible debt. The article looks at both the investor side and the entrepreneur side of this type of investment. It’s not a very technical article but it does give you a sense of how convertible debt works and how each player can benefit from it. I talked quickly to an angel investor about this article and he actually disfavors traditional convertible debt. I’m going to have a more in depth discussion with him to find out why. Stay tuned.


Only 3% or 256,000 of the 8 million accredited investors in the US are active angels, and those angels invest $21 billion each year.

So there are only 256,000 angel investors out of the 311,000,000 people in the US. Said another way, only 0.08% of the US population are angel investors. Pretty astounding for a country that claims to be the most entrepreneurial in the world. And especially low given how much we need jobs right now. It’s for all these reasons I’m very bullish on crowdfunding startups like Wefunder and others.