“I only invest in teams that don’t need me.” Once I started following that advice, investment decisions became more clear and my results improved markedly.

Some Unconventional Investing Rules" by Joe Kraus, partner at Google Ventures

An important point to remember for investors.   It is not “your” company.  You invest in teams because you trust their judgement and their ability to execute on their vision.  Being an advisor is useful and offering ideas can be helpful, but there comes a point when you need to step back and let the team succeed or fail on their own.

For entrepreneurs, you are the ones in charge and you need to embrace that responsibility.  Investors can advise, but they cannot make decisions for you.  Own your startup and have confidence in your abilities and decisions.

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My favorite point of them all:
7. Spend Less Time Researching, More Time Doing
Researching/studying/ reading other people’s blogs is a form of resistance. In order to get clarity, you must act. Clarity does not come by learning more, it comes by jumping in with your instincts and putting yourself out there, even if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.
But you have to remember too, you will make mistakes. And when you do, own it, and gracefully apologize while getting it right the next time. That’s how you learn. Learn to fail. Then succeed.
Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.
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One of the things that keeps us going… POWER UP!  #trualchemi #wellness #motivation #entrepreneurship #inspiration (at Tru’Alchemi Wellness, LLC)


One of the things that keeps us going… POWER UP!
#trualchemi #wellness #motivation #entrepreneurship #inspiration (at Tru’Alchemi Wellness, LLC)


One of the questions I get over and over is the following: “What should I include in my investor presentation?” This is an excellent question. Pitching to customers is not the same as pitching to investors. Your prospective customer and your prospective investor have different end objectives!


In this video the author of The Lean Startup Eric Ries talks about how a startup should take advantage of being unknown to launch a product and act on the customer response. Entrepreneurs should not be in a rush to get big, in fact having a few customers after launch reduces the damage done…


http://su.pr/17DRhl via @dharmesh & Eric Ries’ “The Lean Startup

>The following are some quick quotes and insights from Eric with convenient tweetable links (so you can spread the wisdom and look really smart and clueful to your twitter followers). Enjoy.

23 Tweetable Insights From “The…

How to Structure Funding Deals for Your Startup (Part 1)


How to Structure Funding Deals for Your Startup Part. 1


Whether you’re thinking about developing a start or are already developing your minimum viable product with your team members it is important to understand the complexities of funding components so you don’t push away interested venture capital opportunities because of bad decisions you made early on with the money you accepted from friends/family or Angel investors. In this multi-article series…

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